Garvey Spacecraft Corporation (GSC) is a small aerospace R&D company that focuses on the development of advanced space technologies and launch vehicle systems.  Our long-term strategic goal is the development and operation of a commercially-viable nanosat launch vehicle (NLV).

GSC became a full-time enterprise in January 2000 when founder and CEO John M. Garvey left Boeing to concentrate his time and energy on the company.  Team members draw upon their extensive experiences from a broad range of previous and current aerospace programs, including the DC-X / XA (Delta Clipper), Delta III, Delta IV, Sea Launch Zenit-3SL and Space Shuttle.

We provide engineering, technical support, project management and hardware prototyping services to a number of private and DOD customers.  Company-led projects have addressed reusable launch vehicles (RLVs) and associated technology validation flight testing.  Our most visible accomplishments include the first-ever flight of a composite LOX tank (conducted in partnership with Microcosm, Inc.), the first-ever powered flights of a liquid-propellant aerospike engine and the launch and recovery of a prototype RLV twice within a 3.5 hour period.

GSC leverages its in-house capabilities by participating in several cooperative programs with universities and other emerging aerospace organizations.


Last Updated: 13 April 2015